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Panel Presentations

2024 New York Fed - ECB New York Fed - ECB Conference on Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Regulating Non-Bank Financial Institutions

2023 SEC Meeting on Open-End Fund Liquidity Risk Management: Swing Pricing

The Benefits and Design of Swing Pricing

Conference Discussions by Topic


Non-Bank Intermediation


2024 WFA 

Testing the Portfolio Rebalancing Channel of Quantitative Easing

by Julia Selgrad

16th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference

Nonbank Fragility in Credit Markets: Evidence from a Two-Layer Asset Demand System

by Olivier Darmouni, Kerry Siani, and Kairong Xiao

2023 Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility

Monetary Policy and Fragility in Corporate Bond Funds 

by John Kuong, James O’Donovan, and Jinyuan Zhang

2023 AFA

The Hidden Cost of Corporate Bond ETFs

by Christopher Reilly

2022 NBER SI Risks of Financial Institutions 

How Fragile Are Loan Mutual Funds

by Christopher M. James, Tao Li, Jing Lu, and Mustafa Emin

2022 EFA 

Index Providers: Whales behind the Scenes of ETFs

by Yu An, Matteo Bennetton, and Yang Song

2022 AIM Investment Conference

Bond Price Fragility and the Structure of the Mutual Fund Industry

by Mariassunta Giannetti and Chotibhak Jotikasthira 


2022 Bank of Italy & Bocconi Financial Stability and Regulation Conference 

Monetary Policy and the Run Risk of Loan Funds

by Nicola Cetorelli, Gabriele La Spada, and Joao A. C. Santos

2022 MFA

Mutual Fund Liquidity Creation

by Sergei Chenenko and Viet-Dung Doan

2021 ECB Money Market Conference

Do Non-banks Need Access to the Lender of Last Resort? Evidence from Mutual Fund Runs

by Johannes Breckenfelder, Niklas Grimm, and Marie Hoerova

2021 WFA

Currency Management by International Fixed Income Mutual Funds

by Clemens Sialm and Qifei Zhu 

2021 NBER Asset Pricing

Common Fund Flows: Flow Hedging and Factor Pricing

by Winston Wei Dou Leonid Kogan, and Wei Wu

2020 NBER Asset Pricing

Don’t Take Their Word For It: The Misclassification of Bond Mutual Funds

by Huaizhi Chen, Lauren Cohen, and Umit Gurun


2024 AFA 

Central Bank’s Balance Sheet and Treasury Markets Disruptions

by Adrien d'Avernas, Quentin Vandeweyer, and Damon Petersen

2024 AFA 

Stop Believing in Reserves

by Sriya Anbil, Alyssa Anderson, Ethan Cohen, and Romina Ruprecht 

2023 FIRS

Wholesale Funding Runs

by Jacopo Magnani and Yabin Wang

2023 AFA 

Bank Monitoring in Construction Lending

by Amanda Rae Heitz, Christopher Martin, and Alexander Brenden Ufier

2021 EFA

Intraday Liquidity and Money Market Dislocations

by Adrien d'Avernas and Quentin Vendeweyer


2021 AFA

Micro-evidence from a System-wide Financial Meltdown: The German Crisis of 1931

by Kristian Blickle, Markus Brunnemeier, and Stephan Luck

2020 WFA

Deposit Withdrawals

by Claudia Robles-Garcia, Nikos Artavanis, Daniel Paravisini, Amit Seru and Margarita Tsoutsoura

2020 AFA

Private Supply of Safe Assets

by Stefan Gissler and Borghan Narajabad

2019 RCFS-RAPS Winter Conference

P2P Lenders versus Banks: Cream Skimming of Bottom Fishing

by Calebe de Roure, Loriana Pelisson, and Anjon Thakor

2018 SFS Cavalcade

Lender of Last Resort versus Buyer of Last Resort --- Evidence from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

by Viral V. Acharya, Diane Pierret, and Sascha Steffen

Payments and Interbank Markets

MF-WIFPR Conference on Financial and Real Implications of Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cyber Risks 

When It Rains, It Pours: Cyber Vulnerability and Financial Conditions

by Thomas Eisenbach, Anna Kovner, and Michael Lee

2023 NBER SI Asset Pricing 

Payments, Reserves, and Financial Fragility

by Itay Goldstein, Ming Yang, and Yao Zeng

2023 Short-term Funding Market Conference 

The Paradox of Conservative Haircuts

by Dmitry Chebotarev

2022 FIRS

Payment Risk and Bank Lending

by Ye Li and Yi Li

2019 Yale Financial Stability Conference

Interbank Networks in the Shadows of the Federal Reserve Act

by Haelim Anderson, Selman Erol, and Guillermo Ordoñez

2019 WFA

The Interbank Market Puzzle

by Franklin Allen, Xian Gu, and Oskar Kowalewski

2019 FIRS

Credit Market Spillovers: Evidence from a Syndicated Loan Market

by Abhimanyu Gupta, Sotirios Kokas, and Alex Michaelides

2019 Short-term Funding Market Conference

Network Risk and Key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity

by Edward Denbee, Christian Julliard, Ye Li, and Kathy Yuan

2018 SFS Cavalcade

Bail-ins and Bail-outs: Incentives, Connectivity, and Systemic Stability

by Benjamin Bernard, Agostino Capponi, and Joseph E. Stiglitz

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